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Name:Any Time Any Place - a site for totally au TW fic
Posting Access:Anybody, Moderated
Community description:AU Torchwood fan fiction
DISCLAIMER: Torchwood, its related properties and any other commercially produced references within this community are the property of their respective owners. No disrespect or claim to ownership is implied or intended.

Welcome to Any Time Any Place, a community for stories that are totally AU, using Torchwood and Dr Who characters but not set in the who-verse.

This community was created as a place to post and rec your completely AU Torchwood stories. So if Jack is a policeman or Ianto's a doctor, Myfanwy is a cocker spaniel and The Hub is a hospital, then this is the place for you. If it's set in WW2 or the middle ages, a fantasy world or the bottom of the sea, you can post it here. If the story isn't set in the who-verse then this is the place to post it. Or rec your favourites. Or find a gem you've missed.

Some of these stories may feature relationships, behaviours or topics that you do not agree with. While everyone is entitled to an opinion, this community is not the forum for discussing them. If a story is not of your liking, exercise your right to not read it.

Plagiarism is not tolerated. Neither are Flame Wars or Fan Wanks. The community is moderated and works under a philosophy of warning first, and then banning. Serious offences are subject to instant banning if a moderator feels the situation deserving.

All fiction is welcome that is based on the characters of Torchwood and its related properties, not the cast. Real Person Slash and/or Real Person Fiction is not allowed in the community even if the story in question includes fictional characters. Crossovers with other fandoms are allowed as long as the Torchwood characters are the main focus of the story (or at least have equal billing)

Any length of story is welcome.

Posting Format:
The DW Subject Line: (at minimum) Title
Rating: G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17 or General, Mature, Adult
Pairings: if a specific character pairing is prominently featured, please list
Warnings: our readers need warning if your subject matter is outside their interests. Writers must include specific warnings for subjects such as rape, dubious consent, Mpreg, character death (even canon), child death or miscarriage, incest, abuse, or other potentially sensitive subjects – this includes character ‘bashing’. If you aren’t sure if you should warn about a particular subject, ask a moderator and we will direct you.
Authors Notes:
There should be no need to post spoiler warnings since these stories are au but if you feel in some way one is necessary you are more than welcome to add a spoiler warning line.

Be sure to include appropriate tags, each posting should include at minimum the author and rating for your posting, also confirm if it is a one shot or part of a series. If posting the actual entry directly to the comm, please put it behind a cut.

Promotional posts for other communities, challenges, etc should be ran past a mod before being posted.

Many thanks to cjharknessgirl for her awesome banner.

If you have any more questions please feel free to Ask a moderator
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